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Stigma of Mental Health

There has always been stigma towards those who suffer from mental health issues, as well as those who seek treatment. People who seek mental health treatment have often been seen as weak, vulnerable, or burdensome, leading to a reluctance to seek help when they need it. The lack of understanding by society (whether it be from family members, friends, co-workers and others) towards mental health could also further demotivate them to seek help, not to mention the discrimination and bullying that might occur after knowing their condition. Negative beliefs such as "my condition is a sign of weakness" and "I should be able to control it without help" might develop, which increases the unwillingness to seek help.


The best way to help those in need is by destigmatizing mental health.  We can do this by:

  1. Learning about mental health issues and treatment methods

  2. Promoting education and spreading awareness about mental health

  3. Encouraging openness in talking about mental health struggles 

  4. Seeking professional help or support when you believe that you may be suffering from certain symptoms - early intervention has shown better prognosis for managing mental health conditions

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Mental Health Advocacy

At Harmony Specialist Clinic, we have been invited to speak on mental health topics for awareness and advocacy. Do contact us should your organization / workplace be interested in learning more about mental health.

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